Protestors are targeting the statues of slave traders in Europe

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announces commission to remove slave statues and rename the streets. Robert Milligan statue in London taken down. Credit: Reuters

 A series of anti-racism protests in the United States reached Europe.

 In these pictures taken from Reuters news agency we can see how the protesters treated the statues and how people are recording their protests.

The statue was daubed with paint during protest over the weekend. Credit: Reuters

 Protests took place in Belgium in solidarity with black Americans.  Protesters painted the statue of colonial King Leopold II.  King Leopold II's forces not only killed thousands in the Congo but also maimed Congolese citizens.
Demonstrators stand on the statue of Leopold II as one of them holds a national flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo during protest. Credit: Credit: Yves Herman/Reuters

 In Belgium, protesters carry the Congolese flag in front of statue of King Leopold II.

Protesters demonstrate at Oxford's riel College against a statue of Cecil Rhodes.  Protesters demanded that the statue be demolished.

 This photo shows police officers standing on the roof of Aurel College.  Cecil Rhodes was a central figure in the British colonial plan in Africa. They amassed wealth by exploiting African miners and gaining power by shedding blood in wars.

 British MP Robert Lee clears graffiti from a statue of Vincent Churchill in Parliament Square.

 A statue of Robert Milligun outside the London Dockland Museum has been removed. Credit: Sascha O'Sullivan
 A statue of Robert Milligun outside the London Dockland Museum has been removed.  According to the mayor of Tower Hamlets, it is not appropriate to leave the statue at this location.  According to him, people think that he was a trader,but history shows that he was a slave trader.

Graffiti was sprayed on a statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square during the 'Black Lights Matters' protest in central London on Sunday.

The mayor of the British capital, London, has called for the streets to be renamed and for statues associated with the slave trade to be removed from the city.

 Richard Guildart is also accused of running the slave trade. He has been mayor of Liverpool three times and was also a member of parliament. This street is named after him.

 The street is also named after Archie Baldwin Ingram, a slave trader.
 Black citizens around the world are currently protesting for their rights and equality, and are being supported by human rights organizations and people from other ethnic groups.

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