The story of CEO of ZOOM video communications who earned four billion dollars in just three months

Eric Yuan after took part in a bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ Marketsite in Newyork. Credit: Reuters / Carlo Allegri

 In just a few weeks due to Corona pandemic the way things are done around the world has totally changed. The first concept of office or business meetings was not possible without conference rooms or halls, now they all have been replaced by home kitchens, bedrooms or drawing rooms.

 The changing world situation due to Corona virus has confined people to their homes.  In such a situation, most of the organizations and people started choosing the one of most popular app named 'Zoom' for online work for business, editorial and other kinds of meetings.

 According to a report in Bloomberg quoting billionaires, Eric Yuan, the CEO and founder of the Zoom video communications, made 4 billion in just three months, bringing his total wealth to 7.75 billion dollars.

 The number of 'Zoom' subscribers, which used to be just 10 million, reached 200 million last December, and that's just because of the current epidemic 'Corona Virus', which has pushed people around the world to their homes and forced them to carry out their business and office affairs at home.

In just a few months, Zoom's subscribers have grown from 10 million to 200 million. Credit: Shouvik Das /

 49 year-old Eric Yuan is one of the few Americans in China who has played a key role in Silicon Valley and has made significant strides.

Hardworking young man
 Yuan was born in Shandong Province, China.
After graduating in mathematics, Yuan worked in Japan for four years after earning a master's degree in engineering, but moved to the United States to further his career, where he began working for a large Internet company in California, Yuan said.  "I was inspired by a speech by Billy Gates who chose the field of the Internet in which he said a lot about the Internet in the future."

Eric Yuan, the CEO and founder of the Zoom video communications. Downloaded from:, Credit: Carlo Allegri /Reuters

Eight times US visa failure
 Yuan said he had a hard time getting a US visa.  After eight failures, he was finally issued a visa for the ninth time and moved to the United States in 1997 at the age of 27.

How did the idea for zoom come about?
 Yuan said the idea of ​​"zoom" was a fulfillment of a very private need. Speaking at a press conference in 2017, Eric Yuan revealed his past: "It's about the days when I was young and like other young people I fell in love with a young lady but there was 10 hour long journey between us. The zoom came into being as a result of reducing the distance and eliminating the hassle of a 10-hour journey."

 Bloomberg says the yuan's idea created the zoom technology, which is now widely used by big business and high-profile people to communicate directly with their workers and officials around the world.

Today, the creation of zoom technology us trusted by many big capitalists and people holding important positions.  Photo credit: AFP

A difficult start
 It is a fact that no job is easy to start. In the beginning, everyone has to go through difficult stages. The same reality of life was faced by Yuan. When he wanted to start the program, economic problems arose in front of him.  There were taxes that seemed extremely difficult and even impossible to control.  Yuan worked at Cisco Systems, where he had a technical dispute with his director, which led to his resignation.

 Cisco Systems was involved in the field of online meetings software programs and Yuan was also involved in the project he was working on, but his senior there disobeyed him, which the company later suffered because three  Years later, it became clear to the company that the issue Yuan had pointed out and ignored was correct.

 Yuan said goodbye to Cisco Systems but now had a problem with where to get the funds to carry out his plan. He set out his plan in front of relatives and friends, although it was not easy because people thought that there were so many social networking sites on the Internet that it would not be wise to invest in a new project.

 People thought that the plan that Yuan has put in front of them, how far will it be able to make its place in the market?  Will this new technology be accepted in the global village or not?

Eric Yuan after took part in a bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ Marketsite in Newyork. Credit: REUTERS / CARLO ALLEGRI

 Yuan was faced with a mountain of problems because he had no other source of livelihood after saying goodbye to a good job. Relatives and friends also left him. The limit was that when Yuan told his wife that he left his job, she also opposed the decision.

In an interview, Yuan said: "After leaving the job, when I informed my wife of my intentions, she also refused to leave the job. I said I knew it would be a long and very difficult journey and if I can't start it I will always regret it."

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