52,000 new cases in US, Trump agrees to wear mask

The global epidemic is gaining momentum in the United States once again.  

 According to figures released by Johns Hopkins University, more than 52,000 new cases of corona have been reported in different states in the past 24 hours, a new record for the spread of the virus in the country in a single day.

What did the president Trump said about mask?
Speaking to Fox Business Network on Wednesday, Mr Trump said: "I'm all for masks."

When asked whether he would wear one, the president said: "If I were in a tight situation with people I would, absolutely." He added that people have seen him wearing one before.

Mr Trump said he would have "no problem" with wearing a mask publicly and that he "sort of liked" how he looked with one on, likening himself to the Lone Ranger, a fictional masked hero who with his Native American friend, Tonto, fought outlaws in the American Old West.

Credit: Chicago.suntimes.com

Corona cases in US:
 According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of people affected in the United States so far has exceeded 2.682 million. There have been 706 more deaths from Corona in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to more than 128,000.

 According to the French news agency AFP, the number of new cases per day in recent days was around 40,000, which is now increasing.  Hospitalization rates have risen in Houston, Texas, Phoenix and Arizona.

 Many states delay reopening of businesses and restaurants due to rise in Corona cases.

 In Brazil, more than a thousand people have died in a single day from Corona, and the total number of deaths in the country has now risen to more than 60,000.

 Brazil is the second most affected country by the epidemic.  Brazil has the second highest number of victims and deaths after the United States.

 On the other hand, New Zealand's Health Minister David Clarke, who eradicated the Corona epidemic from his country, has resigned under public pressure.  He criticized health officials.

 It should be noted that David Clarke had taken his family for a walk in the car 20 km away from the beach in April in violation of the strict lockdown.  He called himself a fool in the face of strong public reaction.

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